Easy / Fast / Eco


The man

Bjørn Andersen Rune
Founder of Bjørn Bauwerk in 1988,
a construction company from Oslo.

The story

Mr. Bjørn Andersen Rune was a simple man that liked to indulge from time to time with a good wiskey and a card game.So it happens that in November 1998 in Oslo at a card games, Bjørn Andersen was on a loosing streak. For his last hand he bid with a construction project that he had going on but was stopped by bad weather. Evereybody agreed to take the bet with one condition,”If he won the hand but did not finish the project until first week of March, they would become owners”. Monday morning still feeling the win from the card game, he asked the engineers to come with a solution that would allow them to work during winter weather. The solution was a dry underfloor heating system.


Our system.
This system is all about the perfect balance.
Balance that comes in a small package, a package that has our promise in it.
We promise that this system will make you smille,
You’ll smile in the morning when you get out of bed and step on the warm floor.
You’ll smile every time when you walk trough the house and never want to use slippers.
You’ll even smile when you have to pay the heating bill.

The main reason for you beeing here is that you are fed up with workers, bills, or comlpex systems that keep breaking or need constant attention ( so… welcome tot the club).
We do not know your specific needs of the moment or future ones, but we know that everybody wants more confort in their home. Likes a job well done, lower heating bills and a contractor that will not trash the rest of the house in the proces of changing a lightbulb.


  • 3 step system
  • Sound insulator
  • Neighbors love it
  • Ideal for renovations
  • 10 years waranty
  • Adaptable to any substructure
  • Easy instalation
  • Practical with any covering
  • Ideal new buildings
  • 900 X 600 X 18 mm / 12 kg
  • Usable with the current heating system
  • Economic, ecologic and natural


Some say MAGIC, but beeing engineers we call it SCIENCE.

The system is so simple that we could actualy call it FLAWLESS, but we would like your opinion on it.

Step 1. Check that the subfloor is relatively straight,
Step 2. Place the plates according to the desired pattern and screw/glue them together,
Step 3. Insert the pipe in the plates,
Step 4. (Optional) open a botle of Bokkøl and admire the beautiful work that you have done so easily.

Bjørn vs ...

A small comparison analysis of the Bjørn Heizung underfloor heating VS the classic underfloor system.
30% more efficient
Resizing the power source and
lowering heating costs

80% lighter
One man instalation is possible
Lighther support structure

66% faster
3 min/sqm 11 min/sqm
+ concrete curing time ~30 days

80% faster heat-up
15 min to heat up VS
120 min to heat up

-19 Db sound insulation
footstep sound insulation

100% Natural
limestone based compund
80% slimmer
broad range of aplications
new building to hystorical monuments

100% compatibil with any finish
only system that can be used with rugs

98% quieter instalation
there is no need to remove the old screed
the neighbors will thank you for the quiet time

100% usable with any heat source
including your old fireplace

100% waterproof
can be used in wet areas
such as SPA or POOL

2X powerfull
up to 250 W/sqm


120 mm fixed interval between pipes
less pipe is used than other competitors

>200 W/mp power output
any power demand can be satisfied

1 man instalation
smaller teams, less problems

100% compatibility
any scenario is possible

Disadvantages !

Less people to deal with
no concrete slab = less “professionals” to work with

Rigurous budgeting
costs are fixed, not labour + “as much materials as it takes”
lower overall investment costs

Less programming
due to low inertia, the heat comes when you want
not when it can reach you

Perfectley flat surface
no sink holes due to improper slab pouring techniques


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Director Operatiuni Romania
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